T5001 and T5003 Optical SFP GBIC Module Test Board

Use T5001 and Pattern Generator & Checker, you can test the performance of error bit and eye pattern for SFP and GBIC module.

Features of T5001

The primary features of T5001 are as follows?
-USB interface is available, operation can fulfill by OMWRITER software.
-Self-contained SMA connectors can be connected with apparatus directly to test SFP and GBIC module.
-The complete indicators for status give facilities to test.
-When test GBIC module, you can choose 3.3V and 5V voltage.

Details of T5001

T5001 test board has a power interface for 9v DC, a USB interface, four pairs of SMA interface, a SFP socket, a GBIC socket and five status indicators.
You can manipulate the DUT module by OMWRITER via the USB interface. While reading/writing a GBIC module, the useable power is 3.3V only.

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number:  
Brand Name: SFP-XFP

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